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Question: Mlb Extra Innings


I've been looking in to purchasing the mlb extra innings package, but i was wondering why they don't pro-rate it? I called up earlier to see if they did since the package is 199$, but over 1/3 of the season has already been played. I offered to pay 4 payments of 39.99$ or 160$ upfront at the time of the call, but she seemed unwilling to assist. Seems odd they would bill me 39.99 in november when there is no regular season baseball. I don't particularly want to pay full-price since a large part of the season is already finished. Is there a department that would deal with this sort of issue or is there a specific reason for why she can't give me a reasonable discount?


It's not like i'm asking for much (or being unreasonable) and apologies in advance for picking this forum i'm not postive which category if any this even fits in.