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SWM Power Inserter Problems


I have been without TV for about a week now due to problems w/ my receivers communicating w/ my dish (slimline). I called DTV customer "service" twice and both times I got the runaround w/ the basic unplugging/re-plugging in of my equipment which I did multiple times before even calling. The error code is 775.


Basically the problem is that my receivers can't get a signal anymore and the solid green light on my SWM power inserter is on. So after 2 frustrating phone calls that ended up w/ the CSRs telling me that I will have to pay $50 for someone to come out and fix the problem, I took a closer look at my equipment. 



I unscrewed the two coax cables from my power inserter and found that one of them had this, "gunk" inside when I unscrewed it. I am thinking that the installer used an outdoor coax cable or bury cable to hook into the power inserter. 


Can anyone tell me if that is normal and/if there are actually 2 female coax inputs on the inserter itself? 


I bought a new power inserter off of ebay and am thinking to attach a new coax male end to the gunky cable and hook up the new power inserter. Can someone help me out w/ some advice?