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Time Warner Cable to DirecTV - Wiring config


I'm switching from Time Warner Cable to DirecTV.. Main TW Coax cable comes from their post into a box attached the outside of the house. Box contain all coax cables from each room. To confirm: when I switch to DirecTV:


-- Main TimeWarner Cable and Splitter will be removed from the box attached to the house

-- DirecTV splitter will be mounted in this box

-- Dish coax will come into this same box and connected to the Splitter along with the Power supply

I have 4 rooms that need DirecTV services:

-- 4 Coax Cables (One for the Genie (room 1) and Three for the Mini Genies(rooms 2-4) will be connected to the splitter


Is it this simple?



What is the max distance from the Dish to the Outside Box containing the splitter?

What is the max distance from the Outside Box to the main Genie?

What is the max distance from the Outside Box to the Mini Genies?


Can I paint the Dish Green to help hide?

Is the IPhone DirecTV  Satellite locator accurate?



I'm asking the Distance, Paint and IPhone App questions because I've gotten conflicting answers from 2 installers.


1st installer used Iphone app to determine DISH location, said OK to Paint and didn't indicate a distance problem.  He couldn't install because I had to get HOA approval for the ONLY dish location we could find


The 2nd Installer said the DISH could not be painted, Dish location did not have clear line of sight (used mechanical device), Dish and/or box was too far away..  I could barely understand him (thick accent) 


If it can't be installed so be it but why two conflict opinions.


a 3rd installer is coming out again (I asked for a supervisor or more senior tech) on Monday to confirm one or the other...