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Blocked title


some of the titles on my list keep saying "Blocked title" and when i play them, the app crashes. I thought it might be a HDCP thing, since it seemed to mostly happen on hbo recordings, but then i noticed a fx recording (archer) was doing the same thing to. Any ideas on how to correct this?


Running windows 8, all my drivers are updated. The playback support app did find a few errors, but it seems to work fine on all non hbo/fx channels. 

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    I don't know the source of your problem.  I do note that HBO puts on some restrictions as to HDCP.  If it were me, I'd try temporarily disabling the firewall and virus program on my computer then see if a problem program would play.  I'd also look at my DVR setup and assure that there were no X's in any program classification.  These are long shots but I'd think worth a try.

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    "Blocked Title" usually means that the program exceeds the current rating limits set on your DVR.


    The first thing I do when I start up DIRECTV2PC is click on MENU and then UNLOCK the receiver.