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Sharing playlist of Genie and HD DVR


Could not find the answer anywhere else.  I currently have a Genie DVR, 2 mini, 1 hd, and 1 HD DVR.  All receivers receive the recorded programs from the genie except for the HD DVR.  I was wondering if it is separate or it is just not installed correctly. 


I can record from the genie and see the shows in any room but the HD DVR one.  Vice versa whatever the HD DVR records is only on the HD DVR and can not be viewed anywhere else.  Its like where the HD DVR is located is a separate room.  I would like to record from either the genie or hd dvr and watch it where ever. 


Genie setup in the man cave and HD DVR in the living room. 


Is there a way to share the programs between the genie and hd dvr or not?  If so what do I do or who do I contact?