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771/775 Errors


Have DirectTV about 7 months now, so this is the first summer for the equipment in our home. Last couple days start loosing signal and finally called Tech Support and they are going to send out a Tech on 7/12. They had me check connections and SWM green-light conditions, etc., but couldn't find solution. Noticed last night that later in the evening and during late night, problem goes away. Same thing early AM...no issues; just seems to be a problem late afternoon and evening. Hmmm???


Our SWM and internet interface etc is located in an Attic crawlspace where due to TX heat can easily get to 140+ during the day. I went on-line this AM and found that the recommended Operating Temp for the SWM is:

  • Operating temperature range: C -34 to +52 (-29 to 125.6F).


Could high temp be the issue? Yesterday outside air temp in late afternoon was 104.


I noticed lots of other people complaining about similar issue on forums yesterday...