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No signal at receiver, dish seems fine


I have tried almost everything I can think of to no avail.  Here are the details.  I have an oval Slimline triple LNB (SWiM) dish with a single cable coming from the LNBs.  I have troubleshooted and already bypassed all of the cable in the home, tried bypassing the splitter, and even bypassed the cable coming down from the dish by hooking up my satellite signal finder directly to the LNBs at the dish.  While I was doing all of this, I was only receiving an intermittent signal every 20 seconds that lasted about 5 seconds or less on transponders 2 and 8.  The signal would shoot up into the 90s and then back down to 0 for another 20 seconds.  It was showing this both on my signal meter and on the receiver.  After I bypassed all the wiring, I figured the triple LNB was bad.  I switched it out on the dish for an old standard def single LNB that I had laying around.  I am now receiving a steady signal on my meter at around 69.  I tried to find a signal on my receiver (standard def D11-100) but with no luck.  Although my signal meter shows a constant signal, the receiver shows 0 on all transponders.  I even tried changing my Dish Type in the setup menu to a single LNB (18" round) and it still didn't work.  It just times out when configuring and verifying setup.  Signal meters on the receiver show nothing.


I have already verified alignment of the dish and my LOS is clear.


Any ideas?