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New Linksys router and now limited GenieGO operation


Installed the GenieGO about a month ago and it worked great. I could see, record and stream off my HR44, and my 2 HR24 DVRs. I was using a Linksys E2000 router at the time. Recently upgraded the router to a dual band Linksys EA4500 for increased speed and range. Everything setup ok including the GenieGO which I use from my iPad 4. Had problems with the Directv Everywhere app seeing the 3 DVRs. Solved that by putting the IP and MAC addresses from the 3 DVRs into the DHCP Reservation list. The GenieGO still only sees the HR44, not the other 2 DVRs. I have reset everything several times. I even reset the router back to factory setting and started over. Also, when I'm away from home the GenieGO doesn't see any of the DVRs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Whenever two routers are involved the GenieGO can only setup the first one.  The second router has to be setup manually for port forwarding if it’s not already setup in bridge mode.


    you can confirm if two routers are present by using the trace route utility.  On Windows PCs, you have to go to a command prompt (in the search files and programs window at the bottom left corner of the menu enter CMD) and then enter tracert www.directv.com.  If you are running windows 7, you first must enter cd \windows\system32 before entering the tracert command.  iOS and Android devices also have this command but it’s best to use a PC connected to the same router the GenieGO or broadband DECA is on since the wireless devices may be connecting to the 2nd router’s wifi.


    This command shows the router hops it takes to get from the PC to the Internet.  If there’s a 2nd router in the path it will show the 2nd internal IP address as the 2nd hop.  In other words you may see as the first hop and (or; any internal private IP address) for the 2nd hop. and are valid for two routers because they are on two different subnets.


    So if you see a 2nd hop using an internal IP address that’s the router they need to login to and setup manual port forwarding (Netgear is documented on the webpage support tool).  However instead of using the GenieGO’s IP address on this 2nd router, you have to use the WAN address assigned to the first router.  That WAN address will actually be a DHCP IP assigned by the 2nd router, so if the 2nd router is using the WAN address on the first router could be anything in the 192.168.0.x range.


    I believe the GenieGO will already take care of the port mapping on the first router without setting it up manually and you need to get the WAN IP from that same router.  So first have  login to the Linksys and delete all manual port mappings for the GenieGO.  You can leave the DHCP IP address reservation for the GenieGO as is.  Then go to the status screen and record the Internet IP address from the bottom half of the screen; this is the IP that will be used to setup forwarding on the 2nd router instead of the GenieGO’s IP address.


    Once you have done that you can logout of the Linksys and then login to the Netgear using the same IP address shown as the 2nd hop.  Then just follow the manual config process on the webpage for the Netgear (use the same ports of 8082/8083).  


    Once you complete this, reboot the GenieGO and exit and restart the client.  After the GenieGO lights are all blue / flashing blue, wait another 3-4 minutes and then go to the client setup screen, scroll down to the bottom and see if OHS testing passes.

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    Awesome.  Thanks for the update.