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Straight Talk Home Phone


Ok Installer here and I've been looking into this as the title states...


I talked to a person at Wal-Mart the other day and he said that the straight talk home phone service runs off the wireless phone signal that you just plug into the wall and plug phone in and viloa!  You have phone service for 15.00 a month.  With a 100.00 Modem type thing to start up!


Has anyone looked into getting this to bring up our phone lines?  Really only needing it for Standard installs for all Genies are connected Wirelessly! 


in a perfect world it would be Hook up first box activate with straight talk line plugged into it finish up inside and should ping by that time after you get paperwork signed unhook and move on to the next house!


Also can I get to the bottom of needing a SWM 16 Switch if....


Genie , 2 Clients 1 HD DVR... Is it 5 + 2 + 2= 9 (Need SWM 16) or is it 2 + 2 + 2 = Regular Splitter!


Thanks All In Advance!


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    Genie five tuners, 2 clients zero tuners (they use the tuners in the Genie), DVR 2 tuners equals 7 total.

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    First, not sure if one of those would even work properly for what you want to do. But more important it will not serve the purpose that hooking up a phone line is for, which is allowing the customer to order PPV using the remote control, and allowing DirecTV to call back into the system to collect information. You should only hook up a customer's home phone line to their equipment, and leave that line hooked up when you leave.

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    trying to buck the system is why BB-Decas are being pinged twice now, and charge backs are in play