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HR34 Will not connect to internet


I recently had to replace my box due to the HDMI port not working. It was connected to the internet via Ethernet and worked just fine.


I connected the replacement box the same exact way but get no internet. I have tried different cables, reset to defaults, reset the box, all to no effect. I even tried unhooking the the Ethernet cable and using a Broadband Deca instead, which included resetting the device and everything.


I can reset my router and modem until i am blue and still nothing.


I have a PS3 and TV connected to the same router that access the internet no problem.


If i press the - on the controller it states never connected. In the settings it mentions something about coax.


I do not have the exact words other than what i have described as i am not home currently. I'm just frustrated and would hate to have to replace the box again and lose more recordings, lists etc.


Thanks for listening.