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What is wrong with my GenieGo setup?


Hello everyone. I just got the GeneiGo yesterday, followed all the instructions and it seemed like I was on my way to having this work as it should. I have the GenieGo connected to my 2wire router (3800HGV-B) and the Genie DVR connected wirelessly. I have the app installed on my Windows 7 laptop and it installed with no problem. It even configured my router for OOH streaming. I can see the content from my DVR on the laptop but when i try to stream a show, it says my DVR is busy and cannot stream at this time. When I try to download it just says preparing, but nothing ever happens.


After doing some research I was able to check my router and opened up port 8092 and 8093 as some others had suggested but still no luck. A call into tech support today was just basically an hour and a half call were the tech just got info about my system to give to the engineers. I have little faith that they will provide a solution.


Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?