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Whole Home With Swim-- Suddenly no internet, only 1/2 networked receivers


I'm not sure what change happened to my setup, but things have been intermittent between my 2 receivers that are networked for Whole Home.



HR-24 living room

HR-22 bedroom


dash key status on both says:

SWiM Connected

Internet: Not Detected


HR-22 is the receiver that has the setup with the adapter via the internet router to the white box to the receiver

HR-24 is the receiver with the swim power inserter

swim is in the basement; no cords looked askew


HR-24 is currently showing the HR-22's playlist

HR-22 is NOT currently showing the HR-24's playlist.

No Internet connection on either. 


I've tried resetting both quite a bit, unplugging/replugging, resetting the router, etc