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    I had it installed last Sunday and I am having the same problems.  I can login to both the ipad and iphone apps but neither can "see" my receiver.  My online account says I'm connected to the internet.  These apps are one of the main reasons I signed up.  Hope they get it fixed soon or give us a service credit since we aren't receiving everything that we are paying for.....

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    It is a bit of a s*show for directv at the moment. Tweet @directv and @directvservice and any other associated handles. Also email them, directv.com/email, in addition to posting on this forum. If you're a glutton for punishment, then call their support number and let them know too. It'll take twenty minutes, however...


    The louder their customers yell, the faster it gets fixed.






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    Well, I've let them know I'm at the end of my rope. The mobile platform was one of the key reasons I switched back to Directv. If this is how the experience is only one week into being a new customer, then I'm headed back to FiOS. The FiOS apps and website were flaky, but NEVER experienced as prolonged a cluster**** as what Directv is doing here. Basically comes down to getting some sort of compensation or I'm out. If it comes to that, they can try as hard as they want to get an ETF from me, but it's not going to happen. I've saved every piece of correspondence between me and them regarding this issue, so I'm ready for battle. (Which is why I prefer e-mail or chats instead of phone conversations that nobody ever remembers having.) I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am about this.

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    I'm replying to you because you're the first post and not everyone will page through to the end to see a new update. I think I know what the problem is and, unfortunately, all we can do is let DTV know about it. Turns out, all new customers have to wait for their dtv login credentials to propagate to the app servers. This is why you can't log into the mobile apps at first. You'll probably have the same problem if you get new hardware. Once the credentials propagate to the servers that support the mobile apps, you'll still potentially encounter a problem where the mobile apps cannot see your receivers even though they are connected to the Internet. Turns out, the HR44, the newest model number genie, is not yet supported by the smartphone and tablet apps. I know that sounds ridiculous, and it is, but at least it's a straight answer. There is either an app update or a backend server update that must take place for the HR44s to be found by the mobile apps. Since the HR44 is the genie sku installed for new customers, it's mostly new customers that are experiencing this issue.


    The only way for this to get fixed is to email and call tech support so they can log the issue and escalate it. If you call, immediately ask to speak with tech support. The first line customer service people aren't going to help.


    It took four calls to support, an email, two tweets and a technician at my house, but I finally got a detailed answer. I don't like it, but at least it is an answer.

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    A sound theory, but my new install was with an HR34, not an HR44. (They aren't available in my area yet). So it doesn't seem to hold in this particular case.

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    Funny you mention that, because the tech that came to my house said that the hr34 apparently had the same, and other, problems. Directv usually has longer update cycles, but the 34 had some quirks so they updated to the 44 to address the hardware problems. The 34 was only on the market for several months before the 44 was rolled out. Again, this is all based on what the technician told me. Take with a grain of salt.


    If I were you, I'd try to get them to come out and upgrade your genie when you get a chance.


    Dish really caught Directv with their pants down when they introduced the hopper, which was the first whole home dvr from a satellite tv company iirc. They're clearly trying to catch up and might be going to fast. unfortunatley for us, that means problems.


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    It's definitely frustrating when you can't get logged in, but I can tell you what worked for me.  Uninstall the app.  Restart your phone/tablet, then reinstall the app.  Should take care of the problem-at least it did for me.

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    Nah, I did my homework before making the switch and knew I'd get an HR34. There are still plenty of them in the field and with the software updates it runs pretty similar to the HR44, maybe a bit slower. I followed enough threads before making the decision. (And of the threads I'm still following, I see almost as many complaints about the HR44 as I do the HR34 these days.) Besides, this is all on the mobile platform side of things. The HR34 has worked perfectly fine (knock wood) in the house. If it ever does act up though, I won't hesitate to ask for a replacement.

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    Yeah, it's definitely a software issue on their end, just thought I'd share what I was told.  Hooray for big companies and their glacial release cycles.






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    Well if you really want to experience glacial release cycles, check out FiOS. Oy.

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    The whole data pipe into the home industry needs to be seriously disrupted. Google is on the right track with their fiber, and there are a few municipalities in the US that are doing their own fiber roll outs. Couple a super fast, cheap, and reliable ISP with a la carte channel subscribing, and we won't have to deal with any of this ****.


    A man can dream...


    Justin Schmidt

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    FWIW I am also unable to login to Directv Mobile.


    My situation:

    Android App on HTC One with Android 4.1

    Directv HDDVR receiver - HR24NC-100

    Install and first time Directv activation: 7/3/2013 with internet kit

    Programming - Premiere with sunday ticket (and whatever they comp for 3 months)


    i get login fail with Directv app and Sunday ticket app.


    This is mildly annoying me for now but will be a real problem when NFL ST starts.Since I am not the only one seeing this, and it is apparently not worth calling customer service, has Directv at least acknowledged this and maybe mentioned a fix??

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    please call them ..

    ride on them everyday is the only way to get them to fix it .. I am a new sub and its been like this for 8 days now .. this is one of their big selling points and it dont work .. maybe all of us shud start asking for some kind of credit or start writing the direct of customer service .. 8 days to fix a software problem .??


    Their DIRECTV apps dont work ..neither the phone app nor the tablet app ..

    The Premium Services mobile apps (HBO GO  MAx GO, Showtime..etc) they dont work either ...says  i dont have a subscritption ..


    These are selling points of their service .. it is part of their service ..i will start asking for some type of credit as they are not fulling the agreement for the services i signed for !

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    SO, their latest response along with their response regarding credit.


    Thank you for writing us back. I appreciate the opportunity to continue addressing your concerns regarding the problems you are experiencing in logging into hbogo.com and the DVR scheduler. As we noted before, it is our goal to provide you with a pleasant experience when you use our apps and visit partnering web sites, and problems such as the one you described are very rare.


    Please be reminded that we have escalated your account information to the directv.com support team to resolve these issues for you. We again request that you please allow ample time for processing.


    While I understand that you have requested a credit for the inconvenience that you have experienced, since DIRECTV does not charge for the features and services provided when our apps and partnering web sites function properly, we are unable to honor your request for credit.

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    Well that's BS. I've been complaining to them about this since Day 1 and they finally gave me a $10 credit. They tried to use that same spiel about it being free, which is nonsense as I'm sure it's rolled into the prices and fees they charge us. Keep trying. It's utterly ridiculous that this continues to be a problem. I go away for two weeks tomorrow and am not going to be happy if these are still not working at all. Especially with regards to HBOGO.

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