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    I had my installation completed on Friday and quickly figured out they were having an issue.  I enjoyed Dish Networks package of apps and the versatility it allowed for viewing.  I was looking forward to the DirectTV experience.  I also asked for a credit and was given the response that it is free.  I have to say this is a ridiculous comment.  It is part of the service and the fees that you are paying is paying for the development and ongoing cost for DirectTV to provide this service.  I find the comment ignorant and an slap in the face.  I quoted their Customer Promise to the nice support employee that was assisting me and they had no comment.  If it is not fixed by Wednesday they will give me a credit or come get the equipment back as you have a full guarantee period.  I know Dish would be very happy to come out and connect me back up. 

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    Ten days and counting...

    1. Couldn't log into any app
    2. I can now log in to DirecTV, but am shown the wrong channel lineup, I can't record anything, the app can't see my receiver, and I am apparently not subscribed to any channels!!
    3. Both Sunday Ticket and HBOGo say I don't subscribe to them, and therefore, won't let me log in.
    4. Sent another email asking *** is going on...no reply in two days.
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    I have been dealing with these same issues since we have signed up with Directv. I am completely disappointed with the service and the lack of "care" from the customer service people. It amazes me the different reasons and explainations I get each and every time I call. My last call just this afternoon, which lasted 1.5 hours, one of the women I spoke with tried as many different options that were available for her to do. Still to no avail she transferred me to an engineer and I was shortly thereafter "disconnected." On my return callback, which you can imagine my mood by this time, woman #2 was not helpful in any manner. She tried to state that "this is a known problem and that the engineers are working on this." How long does it take to figure out what the conection problem is? I could've stayed with our old cable company and stayed connected to all of the services that DirecTv stated were available with them. I have not had one moment of connection outside of our home with DirecTv. I am disgusted that they offer a service that they cannot stand behind. It's definitely a way to get you hooked only to not follow through. Way to go DirecTv.

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    When you look at all the problems they have, its pretty bad. First they definitely have technical issues. 1) A customer's HBO status is not correctly being sent to HBO, because they don't think your a customer. 2) Their own system can't correctly see which channels you subscribe to because their web site says your not authorized to view anything. 3) The mobile app. can't correctly download your list of receivers to authenticate you. 4) Some people can't even log into the mobile apps. And some people said they were told by DirecTV that: 5) The HR44 (and possibly HR34) can't even communicate to the mobile apps.  And that is JUST the technical problems.


    Then when you call Customer Service, they 1) Really have no idea what is going on because they haven't been properly instructed by the company, and in some cases, I think they are just: 2) Making up excuses. Then when you call different Customer Service people you get 3) Different answers. They tell you that you can't get a refund because you don't actually pay for these services. They are giving you these services out of the kindness of their heart. How sweet of them.


    Let me just say this is NOT the way to run a company.

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    I spoke with Customer Service yesterday.  Explained the problem... they act like it was the first time they had heard of the issue.  I finally called them out and asked is this a known issue.  The guys did some quick checking and admitted it was an issue and stated that engineering is working on it and had an estimated fix within 72 hours.


    I would not hold m breath on this.

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    So it's been AT LEAST 2 weeks, and now they suddenly know it will get fixed in the next three days? Yeah, don't hold your breath for sure!


    Here's the part that I don't get: I've been following this thread from the beginning and it seems that the issue is mostly with new customers getting the HR44 (I think that's the #).  So why are previous customers not seeing this (despite 1-2 posts on this thread saying it stopped working for them too)?  And if it is new customers only and caused by some incompatibility with the newer Genies, then who was the genius that tested these things?  As part of QC, you'd expect them to test the mobile platform prior to distributing any new hardware or software.  And now two weeks into service, the "highly trained" so-called "engineers" can't figure it out in a day or two?  I just don't get it...or maybe I have set my expectations way too high for this kind of thing.  Shame on me.

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    They dont have a clue ..

    After threatening to email Ellen at DTV HQ .. Monday i got a call from a person by the name of Mark .. as i recall he said he was from HQ ..  We went thru some stuff changed passwords etc .. did a few tests with Max GO / HBO GO / the Directv apps both tablet and phone  .and a around 7 pm .. he wanted to make sure i could stream to my account with the computer.. well i had to leave and said he would call back on Tuesday morning and check .. well i havent heard **** from this person again .. totally blew me off .. i waited all day tuesday and not a call except from their robo dialer to see how my service was going  ..  Wednesday has now come and gone and still not heard back nor do the apps work ..


    I suggest we all email Ellen ,  the Director of Customer Service ...

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    I hit these fools up on Twitter and Facebook, as others have. I got only a reply from twitter saying they know about it, are working on it and thanking me for what little patience I have left. Total ********

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    I have just sent an email to EVERY executive on the list that I found above.  I suggest you all do the same.

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    The engineer in me says all these problems are related. Every receiver has unique features and unique identifiers, so if DirecTV systems weren't correctly updated to know about the HR44 (and possible HR34) then it could explain why not much is working. Its all tied together. The system needs to tell the web page and the mobile apps. what channels you have access to, and the mobile app. needs to download what home receivers you have so that it can check if your at home, which will determine what you can and can't watch.


    They just sent out a new iPad app. and THAT didn't fix the problem, so its not likely the problem. They have the capability to send out new firmware to your DVR, and that LIKELY isn't the problem. What is likely the problem is the massive amount of code that DirecTV uses to actually control everything from billing, to what equipment you have to what channels you have access to.  This is very complex, and probably there was a company push to get the new equipment out (Genie) before it was fully tested or even partially tested. I'm sure they realize their problem now, but since the problem only happens for those new users that just signed a two-year contract, there probably is no big rush to get it fixed.  They will eventually fix it,  but don't hold your breath it will be soon.

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    Makes sense but still upset we're not much of a priority to them

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    The way I look at it, the reality is customer service can't fix it. The executives can't fix it. They all know about it and I'm am sure they are trying to fix it but that takes time.  Only engineering can fix it.


    Also we were promised these services, we are not receiving these services, and the executives on down knew in advance that we wouldn't have these promised services when we signed up, because I have no doubt that they knew about these problems, but they chose to hide them.


    I wrote to the executives wanting to know how they were going to reimburse customers for services which we are paying for and not receiving?  THEY can control that, and in my mind this is the heart of the issue. They chose to accept our money when they knew they couldn't provide services, and we want some of that money back.


    If they can't correct this situation in an acceptable way to us, then this to me sounds like the makings of a class action suit.

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    Class action suit. That's exactly what's happening with Time Warner right now. A suit has been filed by customers because of the discontinuing if CBS and CBS owned programming (Showtime, etc). Something to definitely consider.


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