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direct tv and google tv


I have direct tv and logitech google tv but i do not have an hd receiver. Is there another way i can make this work?

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    Google TV does not support DirecTV anyway, so dont worry about it.

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    "Google TV does not support DirecTV"? @peds48 is wrong once again. And "don't worry about it"? What kind of advice is that?


    Just run HDMI from DirecTV to Google TV, then out to your television. Go through Google TV setup and tell it which DirecTV model you have. Works fine.


    You can even program the Showcase app with the channels you get on DirecTV.


    If you don't have an good receiver, save your money. I have a Marantz that works great. Look for open boxes and returns. Meanwhile just run the HDMI straight to your TV.


    When you do get an AV Receiver, run both HDMI and Fiber Optic cables to your receiver, then HDMI to your TV. This is because the Logitech does not pass Dolby surrsound via HDMI. Also configure your receiver to get sound via the optical cable.

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    When anyone answers literally tens of thousands of posts they are bound to misspeak on occasion.  A kinder approach would be in order.


    Here is a link with some contact phone numbers should you need them.

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