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Online program guide lists To Be Announced


This problem started on 10 August.  Instead of the 14 days I normally see in the online program guide, from 8/22 on I only see the words "To Be Announced".  The guide has not updated since Friday.


I Have 2 HD DVR receivers -- an HR22-100 and an HR 23-700.  I am experiencing this problem on both receivers.  I'm receiving a good sat signal.  I have had no disruptions in power or audio/video due to severe weather or any other causes.  I did a receiver restart pushing the red button on one of the receivers to see if that would download the newest part of the guide but it did not work.


I see others in this forum have posted about seeing this problem but I haven't read anything as a possible solution that I haven't tried already.


I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas any of you have that would help resolve this issue.


Thank you.