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Genie Mini very sluggish/laggy


I got my equipment installed last Friday.  I have an Genie HD Dvr (HR44-700) and one Genie Mini (C41-500).  The HR44 is great and I love the system overall.  HR44 is connected wirelessly.  I tried ethernet but can't get it to connect to anything other than wireless.  I plugged in ethernet and reset, it still only connects to wireless.  That's not a real concern for me but the C41 is very laggy when changing channels in the guide and also once a channel is selected.  I get sound with a black screen for 1-2 seconds, then the video finally kicks in.  In the guide there is a small lag when scrolling between the channels.  If I press up or down a few times repeatedly it takes the guide a while to catch up after I stop pressing buttons.  Is there a fix for this??  Thanks in advance!!