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Error Code 775


Every day from about 11:30 A.M. until about 3 P.M. I get the 775 Error Code and then it mysteriously goes away. DIRECTV would like for me to pay a technician to come out and look at my system, however, it seems to me to be a broadcasting issue. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    No, that's not a broadcasting issue. That error means that something is wrong with your Single Wire Multiswitch dish equipment.  Most likely it's a loose or corroded coax connection at your dish or ground block.  Or perhaps a defective dish LNB that's become temperature sensitive.  Some of those things you can check yourself, but a service call will fix it for sure.

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    As a tech, EVERY time I see this on a service call I do 2 things.


    Replace the cable from the dish to the groundblock, then move the power supply before the splitter if possible, if I cannot do that I change all cabling in between the dish and the power supply, even it is does not look or test bad.


    99% of the time it is a power supply issue, almost never the power supply itself, but inferior cabling from the dish to the power supply.


    Do not accept the reset power supply and receiver recommendation from a customer service rep, this is not a fix...


    You will need a tech there to check the cabling I mentioned. 775 errors DO NOT fix themselves, there is a valid issue with the system...