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Changed Pandora Account - Need to Reactivate


HELP! I had two Pandora accounts (by mistake of course) and I setup one of my TV's using the correct Pandora account and setup the other TV using the wrong account.


In the meantime I canceled the wrong Pandora account and now I would like to reactivate Pandora using the correct account but I just get a "Please Wait...." message and then it goes away.


The TV that I used the correct account on works okay and I can log out and then reactive to log back in with no problem. (This TV uses the tiny little Home Client box)


The main TV that uses the Genie is the one that won't work.


I have done the following:

Reset everything, both boxes and my wireless router. Made sure that I was logged out of Pandora on all other devides. Called technical services and worked with them for about 2 or 3 hours. I've emailed Pandora, but they cannot find the incorrect account so I guess they can't make any changes to cancel or whatever. I even recreated the wrong Pandora account just to see if I could reconnect from the Genie.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    The Directv Genie includes the use of Pandora without a Pandora account.  The Genie must be connected to the Internet is order for Pandora to work.  Open Pandora on the Genie and go to "signout".  Then close Pandora and open it again.  It will require you to re register and will give you a pass number to enter at www.pandora.com/directv.  After you do so, it will allow you to open the correct account.

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      Well, I can't get to the "signout" area because it just goes to "Please

      Wait." and then the message just goes away and I'm back at my Extras screen.

      I know that I am connected to the internet because I can get into YouTube

      and watch things, so I don't think that should be a problem. It's almost

      like I'm still connected to Pandora through the old account, but the old

      account no longer exists. Is there a way to completely start from scratch

      with Pandora on that television?