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Playlist not showing on Genie but on Hd/Dvr


Ok.  So within the last week, I have had several upgrades where I am adding/swapping out receivers for a Genie.  Customer keeps their hd-dvr.


Get genie and clients active.  Connect to internet via internal deca or bb deca.  Both Genie and Dvr connect.


Dvr sees genie's playlist, but genie does Not see dvr's playlist.


I go into whole home..status..both dvr and genie show that other dvr is networked, but genie will not see playlist from dvr.


I called ISS..Guy told me that I needed to reset Dvr so that genie became 'primary' box..errr..(so software issue, not hardware)


Finally after resetting network, receivers and doing rain dance..I am finally able to get them to share.


What is going on?


PS and both upgrades I did this on last 2 days I have had to Add whole home programming BACK onto account(yes they had dvr and hds and were sharing fine), after activating genie and clients(clients were still working without that on account also).  OMG has to spend about 5 mins doing some magic to get it added back onto account.