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Recorded show started 1/2 hour after guide showed the start time


I Set my hr44 to record PGA golf on Sunday and Monday. i noticed when I started watching today at 4:15pm that the show was already

in progress even though I was at the beginning. I checked the guide and it showed a 3 hr 30 minute recording with a start time of 2:30. I looked at the progress bar and it showed a 3 hr recording with an hour and 15 minutes recorded So far. So it started recording a half hour after the guide showed it's start time. I checked tomorrow's guide and it showed the golf beginning at 1pm. But the to do list said the recording would start at 1:30pm. I deleted the recording and then added it again and it now shows the correct time. So I've fixed it for now, but is there someone who can explain why  this happened? 


Sorry for the long story but I'm perplexed.