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Anyone else being told the Genie mini clients are wireless?


My installer just left without installing.......  I was told by both the Direct tv salespeople at the 800 number AND the rep in Sam's Club who got me to sign they were wireless.  (I also can't prove, but would swear the website said wireless just a month ago????) The rep didn't even correct me when I told him I was ordering an extra mini client to take out on the deck to watch football when I wanted.


It is my understanding from the searches on here and the installer that left, that this disingenuous activity is widespread and ongoing.  Once that company makes the sale and you are installed, they get their commission and the account is turned over to direct tv.  (AND you are hosed into the 24 month agreement with the coax equipment.  If you want wireless equipment after that, YOU have to pay hundreds extra..... Personally, currently have ATT which has wireless and no contracts, sure I can get them to throw in wireless to keep me.) 


Why sign up now and pay for old technology for 24 months? 


I don't like dishonesty......