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HR22 to HR24 upgrade: no whole-home or internet


My basement HR22 died with storage errors, so DirecTV sent me a new HR24. I also have an HR24 in the living room, and a stand-alone receiver in the master bedroom.


In setting the new basement DVR, I noticed that the HR24 has only one ethernet port, while the HR22 had two. Both ethernet ports had been in use on the old unit: one getting a normal ethernet cable from a nearby switch, and the other connected to a small white DirecTV box that gets coax in and sends one coax and one ethernet out. I set up the new DVR with the two outputs from this box, abandoning the normal ethernet cable.


I now have zero whole-home DVR service. Basement can't see living room, living room can't see basement, master bedroom can't see either.


I seem to remember the whole-home guys making a comment about how the HR22 would serve as the "base" of the whole-home system, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to wrangle the cables now that I only have one ethernet port on the HR24.


I'll call DirecTV on Monday if I can't sort this out. With the multiple exotic boxes the original installers connected to both the coax and my home internet, it may be something for an installer to figure out.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


--Chris (invalidname)