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Genie internet connection


Just had DirecTV installed five days ago. I have one Genie HR44-200 and three mini-receivers. Most things are working well. I have a question about the internet connection. My installer put some kind of adapter on the incoming coax cable near the Genie and plugged an Ethernet cable into it. I also see an Ethernet port on the back of the HR44, and I also see it has wireless capability. What is the difference between the different connections? My Genie says its internet connection is working, but I'm having issues in other areas that make me wonder if this is the preferred method of connection. I'll save these questions for a different forum, but my iPad app can't seem to find my DVR at all, and the Android app won't even login...giving a bad username/password error. One of the reasons I switched to DirecTV is for the mobile apps, and they seem to be quite worthless.

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    Yep, the way is connected is the way "approved" by DirecTV.  however, if you choose you can connect the HR44 directly to your router via Ethernet cable.  There is NO difference in connection between these two

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    Note that the HR44 contains a built in Wi-Fi adapter, but I personally would stick with the DECA BB adapter you are currently connected with.  Some network issues will cause problems with the system, but if hard wired, like you are, those issues are usually due to configuration conflicts and can be corrected by the proper reset routine.


    A lot of new users will suffer some of these problems and will disconnect and reconnect the network connection which causes further configuration confusion.  Make sure you don't have any MAC filtering or firewall active on your router, delete the iPad App, do a iPad power reset then reinstall the App and give it another try.  Be sure you're on your home network and iPad is on Wi-Fi.