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Bein Sport Play


When will DirecTV customers get access to Bein Sport Play? ( beinsportplay.tv ) so we can access the Bein programs on the Web? Need to authenticate through DirecTV...

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    no one here knows the answer for this.  Best to email your feedback to DirecTV

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    Not sure what your problem is but the online feed from beIN works just fine on my PC.  When I select the "watch now" link, the computer does a Directv authentication and the programming starts.  It isn't the best quality, but it does work just fine.


    beIN SPORT HD DIRECTV Ch 620| beIN SPORT HD Shows & Program Guide on DIRECTV

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    I would love to able to watch Bein Sport Play but I only see Verizon, TWC, Dish!?!?!! , Bright House Networks!?!?!? as the listed providers for beinsportplay.tv.


    DTV, PLEASE negotiate with BEINSPORT so we can get this service!!!

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    I emailed them and this is their response:


    Thank you for writing. My name is ..... and I am a specialist in DIRECTV’s Email

    Department. It's a pleasure to hear from one of our new customers. Welcome to

    the DIRECTV family!


    I understand your request to get Bein



    Currently we do not have a deal to launch Bein Sports. I want to

    let you know that we appreciate your suggestion about your inquiry. I assure you

    that we have forwarded your feedback to improve our service. While we can not

    follow up individually with every customer, rest assured every comment is

    reviewed. We often make changes based on customer feedback like



    Our goal is to provide a wide variety of programming so customers

    can choose their favorites. We are always working to expand our programming

    offerings and we hope to have the opportunity to provide this channel to our

    customers in the future