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GenieGo NO GO unable to locate DVRS


GenieGo flashes three blue, then pink-blue-dark then amber-blue-dark and remains amber-blue-dark. GenieGo software on laptop says installing GenieGo then says “unable to locate DVRS”.


Unplug or reset or reinstall laptop software repeatedly same results.   Three days of discussions and fiddling with DIRECTV support results in service call.   Technician seems a little lost and spends most time outside on telephone.   Tells me my internet service is #1.) insufficient and too slow then #2)     since it is on a large WIFI network with the service area on a broadband extender that IS  the real problem and that the GenieGo must be plugged into only a “primary” router and can’t be on a extender of any kind no matter how strong the signal.



Several speed test sources consistently range in the 13 -15 Mbps range.   Broadband dot gov the FCC broadband beta shows 14 – 17 Mbps. Analyzers running about -38 db.   No definition of what is a "primary" router from repairman nor any comment on  the documentation that states requirement that Genie and GenieGo simply be on the 'same' network.


Genie and GenieGo on same network.   GenieGo is wireconnected.     Genie says excellent signal.    Technician quits the job after telling me that he can not swap out the component as it is the fault of a “not primary router” but offered no reasoning or technical summary of the “not primary router” diagnosis.


Any suggestions on this situation with new GenieGo.   Thank you

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    Why not move the GenieGO box to the router and plug it in there.  Your post has me a bit confused.  In one place you state "on a large WIFI network with the service area on a broadband extender" and later you state "GenieGO is wireconnected".  In any event, the intent is to have the GenieGO connected to the router via a Ethernet cable.

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    I agree with DCD you should attempt to hardwire connect the GenieGo to the router, I have no experience with the GenieGo myself but I do have a Slingbox which is very similar in how it connects, when i first made the connection I used a wireless bridge since the router was not close to the box, everything appeared to be ok but the connection always failed, I recently moved the router and now have the slingbox hardwired to the router and it works flawless!

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    Hi, GenieGo is connected and by the wires in the Ethernet cable, it is connected to the extender and not to the router at the cable modem because of distances involved , thank you.   The signal from the extender covers the area where the genie and the genieGo are to be used and GenieGo criteria is both on same network which indeed they are on the same network.   I believe it might be a port issue and working on that. thank you.