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What is causing reception to freeze or screen to go blank when recording?


I have had a Genie  DVR HR 34-700 and two Genie minis C31-700 for 7 months. The issues started a month ago and have become more common lately. I'll be watching a show on the TV hooked directly to the HR 34 and the image on the screen will freeze. There will be no sound. If I switch to another station and back to the original station, I can get about 60 seconds of viewing before this happens again. This issue occurs twice a week and is fixed only by rebooting the HD DVR.

Sometimes when watching on this same set, the picture on the TV just turns pink and can be fixed by turning off the HD DVR and restarting it.

Another big issue is sometimes when watching shows on two different TVs and the HD DVR is recording something, both TVs will go blank and the DVR will stop recording. The only way to resolve this is to reboot the main DVR.

Is the DVR defective?