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3D works intermittently


Just got Directv installed a month ago and also just got a 80 inch Vizio with 3D.  I am passing the HDMI signal through a Yamaha receiver that is 3D ready.  If I re-set the Genie box, the 3D works fine.  But if I shut the box off and then turn it back on again, the 3D will not work and I get the message that my hardware doesnt support 3D.  Any idea what is causing this? 

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    The Genie "forgets" it is attached to a 3D TV when it is shut off because the HDMI connection is broken and it doesn't try the connection again until you do a reset, Then it "sees" the TV and reestablishes the connection. You might try leaving the Genie on to see if that helps. It isn't really off anyway. Only the panel lights and outputs go off. Turning the TV off may have the same effect though. A Genie software update will be needed for that behavior to change.