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Advanced search shows results on channels I don't get


So I do an advanced search.  It list  results that I want, but also programs on channels I'm not subscribed to.


Also.... I included a NNOT in the advanced search, but it doesn't work for everything?


My search is:



It isn't showing Triathlon programs now, but is still showing XTERRA USA CHAMPIONSHIP (that's the title).  And that program is on a channel I don't even get (686).


I have my guide set to "Channels I get", that doesn't seem to make a difference.

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    I assume that the folks who designed this software assumed that when you searched you'd be interested in all sources of the search subject.  If you were wanting to know what channels you'd need to receive in order to get a particular program then the design would be more useful to you.  In any event, I usually know which channels I receive and adjust accordingly.