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Audio volume issues


When watching certain programs (Castle, AGT), the volume will decrease during dialog to a very low amount and then as the scene changes it will go back up. It only happens on certain programs.  We have whole home and I was able to replicate the issue on 3 different TVs.  Since it happens on 3 different TV and using different DVRs, I have no idea what is causing it.  It seems like it could be a volume leveler option on the boxes but I don't see one.  Any ideas?

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    is normal
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    The audio intensity level is determined by the broadcasting station.  The Directv boxes output the volume at "line level" and the amplifier in the playback device is responsible for the final volume level.  If you have a higher end audio amplifier or AVR many have some adjustments to decrease the highs and/or increase the lows.