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I've had things similar to this happen in the past and I was always told that dvrs don"t autotune.  Well it happened again last night.  My dvr was set to record two shows at 10pm - Hostages on channel 2 and Blacklist on channel 4.  I was watching tv on channel 206, Monday Night Football.  I assumed that shortly before 10 a message would pop up saying it needed to change channels at 10 to record those shows.  This is what usually happens when recording two shows at once.  However that is not what happened.  Instead I got a message pop up that said Unexpected Autotune Conflict.There is an unexpected conflict due to broadcast schedule changes.  Press SELECT on the Cancel Recording button for the program you want to cancel.  Then it listed

1.  LIVE   Today. 9:56pm 206     Cancel Autotune 1

2. Hostages Today 10:01pm 2    Cancel Recording 2

                                                    Cancel Both


i tried checking Menu to see if my other set to record program was still listed but I couldn't do anything until I selected something above.  I chose to Cancel Autotune 1.  I then changed the channel to channel 2 just to be safe.  At 10:01 both programs I wanted to record did record.  If I wasn't watching tv though I'm not sure what would have happened as it would have bern on channel 206 and the message would not have been answered.


In the past when I think this happened before only one of the shows that was set to record would record.


i took a photo of the tv with the message on it but I don't think there is a way for me to attach it to this post.


Anyone ever see this before or have any idea why it happens once in awhile?