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1501 (HBO) is currently not available - for 3 weeks


I am a new subscriber and for the first two weeks channel 1501 (HBO on Demand) worked fine.  Since then, every time we tune to the channel it simply says "1501 (HBO) is currently not available."  I've called technical support twice, once a few weeks back when we first noticed it and then again today, only to be told that "it's currently undergoing maintenance to improve the customer experience."


I don't know how blacking out a popular channel for 3 weeks is considered improving the customer experience, but I'm calling shenanigans.  I frankly don't believe that a channel would go down for 3+ weeks without any formal notice from DirecTV, especially because each time I called it took them 20 minutes to come back with this lame response.  If it were really down for everybody I feel like they would be getting a LOT of complaints about this.


So has anybody else had this problem?  I've rebooted my receiver several times which AFAIK is my only real course of action.  Any advice/suggestions appreciated.