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Transponder won't stay locked in....


How do I change transponders and lock them in?  I a m locked in to transponder 11 with 76% signal but transponder 20 has 95%.   I select 20 but it kicks me back to  transponder 20...    What's wrong??

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    What is it you're trying to do?  The transponders on the Directv satellites each carry a different set of signals so you do not get to "choose" which transponder you "lock in".  Some transponders would naturally have a lower signal.   Again, tell us what it is you're attempting to accomplish and maybe we can help.

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    Also let us know what model Receiver(s) you have, and what type of satellite dish.

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    My Receiver is:

    RCA, Series2, DVR80

    with multiSatillette

    Slimline Oval dish

    three LNBs (one dual for The RCA. plus a HD LNB used on a separate HD reciever.)

    I.m trying to get better reception than the 76% I get on Transponder 11.

    Works OK if no clouds, but I get interfence if it's a little cloudy, 

         I.m thinking a higher percentage should help correct this problem??

    I have always been able to switch to a Transponder with higher percent..

    but now changed  transponder setting won't stay "Set:"  I change to 20,   "back  out"  then go back in, & the setting has not changed (( the setting has returned to transponder 11.  )

    I am on satellite 101 (A)

    it shows satellite 119 (B) but also won't  stay "locked into"  119 (B)

       thanx for the help

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    The screen menu that you are on shows the signal quality of the transponders in general.  you are NOT choosing one over another to watch TV.  shows are in different transponders and different satellites and you dont get to choose which one you want, you need them all!


    as litzdog mentioned, you need to re-peak your dish as it looks like your dish is poorly aligned

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    Problem was in the old Receiver.

    I installed new HR24 DVR & problem has disappeared


    Steps I took:

    1. Realigned dish, got 93% signal.  problem unchanged

    2. Reversed cable at dish,  problem unchanged

    3, Reversed cables at Receiver.   problem unchanged

    4.  Ordered & I installed new Receiver.  problem disappeared.


    During this I learned:

    - New out-of-box Access Cards can have a film that needs to be wiped off gently with soft cotton cloth

          the Receiver showed zeros for the card number.unless film is removed.

    - the "refresh" feature on the Directv web-site allows you to "re-boot" your signal without calling Tech Assistance.

       see: "Reauthorize my Equipment"

    - Directv sent the new receiver to my Home address, not my Winter Home, as I had specified.

         Directv didn't sent any confirmation about the order so I couldn't correct this before shipping

           I placed a second order with Amazon

    -  The Amazon Receiver didn't have "B-Band converter" boxes.

        but Directv Promptly mailed me the boxes

    -  Directv Tech Assistance via phone is outstanding & have great patience.


    So I 'm up & running.....

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    Awesome.  Thanks for the update.