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How do I hook-up a 2nd satellite?


I just upgraded to HD with whole home DVR. Now I'm unable to watch my TV from Southeast Asia via a 2nd (different) satellite dish. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can hook-up that other dish (not DTV) so I can watch TV from home?

Before I upgraded, the 2nd dish was hooked-up to my VCR. To watch my home country TV, all I had to do was tune the TV to channel 4, turn on the VCR and hit the input button on the 2nd dish remote.

Now, since the upgrade, nothing I do works.

Any ideas on how to do it? If I can't, then I'll have to cancel the upgrade and revert to my old way.

Thanks for any ideas.

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    Not sure what this has to do with DirecTV,  but your upgrade should not affect how your Dish receiver works.  it should be the same way

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    First go and look to see if the second dish is still there. The Tech might have upgraded the wrong dish.

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      Thanks for the responses. I think I need to be a little more elaborate on

      my original post. Hopefully, not confusing, but here goes.

      Up until today, we had DirecTV(dish 1) for many years - basic programming.

      We also had a separate dish (dish2) to receive Thai/Lao TV programming.

      That was set-up differently from our DTV. Here's the schematic: We had an

      older TV and DTV was connected directly to it via cable. Dish 2 was

      connected directly the 2nd dish box. The box then was connected to our VCR.

      Using RCA jacks, the VCR was connected to the TV.

      To watch Thai/Lao TV, all we had to do was tune the TV and VCR to channel

      4, turn on the VCR and press the Input button (TV/VCR) to VCR.

      At that point, DTV was overridden and the Thai/Lao channels came on. To go

      back to DTV, all we had to do was turn the VCR off.

      Approx.. two weeks ago, my son brought us a new Smart TV (Phillips). No

      problem. Still able to get DTV and our Thai/Lao channels.

      Today, we were upgraded to HD, with DVR, etc., and now cannot get the

      Thai/Lao channels. I took used the RCA jacks from the VCR output and

      plugged them into the RCA jacks in the back of the TV. Tuned the TV to

      channel 4 and blank screen that says Channel not available. I get audio,

      but no video. So, I then took the RCA jacks from dish2 box and connected

      directly to the TV. Same thing.

      Right now, I'm at a loss as to why something that should be very simple is

      not. I'm out of options to try.

      If I cannot get this set-up so I can get the Thai/Lao channels, I will

      cancel the HD and go back to what I had previously.

      By the way - no satellite dish was disconnected. I just cannot get video

      from dish 2 no matter what I try.

      I apologize if this is too lengthy/complicated.