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I Need Help With Wireless Headphones


I have an LG HDTV and of course DirecTV. I have attempted connecting wireless headphones to my TV following the headphone manufacturer instructions (Auvio) but no sound. This should be very simple... advice please?

Thanks for your help!

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    Looking at Auvio headphones online, it appears they are very straight forward and simple to install. You might check the following:


    First, a good connection of the audio cable between your TV set and the input to the Auvio base station.

    Second, fresh (or fully charged) batteries in the headphones themselves.

    Third, that your TV volume is turned up

    It looks like there are two power buttons you need to operate, one on the base and one on the headphones. Make sure both are on.

    Turn up the volume knob on the headphones themselves.


    I see a lot of bad review about these headphones, so if checking all of the above doesn't help, you might take them back to where you bought them and seek their help/advice.

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    It looks like you need to connect your wireless headphones with a pair of stereo RCA cables from your TV to the headphones base unit.  make sure you are connecting these cables to the TV audio OUTPUT (not input) in your TV

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    Some TV's have a setting for audio out, make sure it is set to "fixed" that way your volume level on the TV wont effect audio to TV.

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    If your TV has a headphone jack and your Auvio's do as well, try that. I have Auvios and they work great. I use the headphone jack on my TV.

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    I had problems with my wireless earphones and ended up using the digital audio out connection on the TV.  This works fine, but you do need a converter box to get from digital audio out to your headphone jacks.  This box cost me about $11 on Ebay.  My volume on the headphones is now separte for the TV volume which I also like.

    First try you earphones on another device just to make sure they work.