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Can I control my DVR online ??


I see the next newest similar post is two years old.  I have the Genie HD DVR model HR34-700 'whole home' with the add-on wifi Internet access box.  I can remotely tell a program (or series) to record, but I have no ability to manage it at all.  I can't delete recorded programs, I can't manage how a program is recorded, how many it keeps or ANYTHING.  Both my old Dish and Comcast allowed this functionality BEFORE I switched to DirecTV and as I travel sometimes for months on end it gets very frustrating.



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    You can't do any of those things with the DirecTV remote app.  Managing recordings (deleting, etc) must be done locally from the DVR itself. 

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    I used to use a SlingBox with my older DirecTV DVR.  When I switched to the Genie Whole Home system, the mini-Genie in the room where my router is wasn't compatible (I had a non-HD SlingBox).  So I got the GenieGo to replace the functionality.  While it allows me to stream my recorded programs, like you, I was disappointed that I couldn't perform any of the other DVR functions, like deleting programs, etc.  I keep hoping they'll add that into the GenieGo app.  I should really move the DVR to the other room and get an HD SlingBox so I could get back to where I was before I upgraded...  I do like the GenieGo capability of downloading to my laptop so I can take my shows with me where there is no Internet.