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Why can't I get RetroTV Channel 8.1 with DirecTV Off-Air Tuner?


I live in Gardena, CA.  I have a DirecTV HR24 DVR with the DirecTV OTA Tuner and the Terk Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna (recommended by, and works with Antenna TV).  I don't seem to get Retro TV Los Angeles Channel 8.1.  After 3 scans, I still don't see Channel 8 (or sub-channels) at all.


I've double-checked antenna troubleshooting.  It is extended and pointed towards Mount Wilson.  I also seem to be getting 100% signal strength on all the other channels and sub-channels from 5 to 40.


I contacted Retro TV and I was told: "Direct TV intenionally blocks all community tv stations,

including KFLA.  I suggest that you try connecting the antenna directly to

your TV and bypass the Direct TV DVR all together."


Is this true?  Is DirecTV blocking Los Angeles Channel 8.1 KFLA?  Or, is there something else I need to do to get this channel?