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NHLNETWORK still on Package?


I recently moved and upgraded my system to HD and I still have the same package. However, I no longer have channel 215 (NHLNetwork), is this no longer part of the package I had?


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    Here is what Directv has to say about channel 215.  Note that the channel is currently available on my Premier system and I do not have Center Ice.  What package of programming do you have?  You may have been Grandfathered at your old location but when you moved all Grandfathering would be wiped out.

    "During the NHL season, the NHL Network (Channel 215) is included in your subscription to NHL CENTER ICE.  In the off-season, you'll need to subscribe to a package that includes the NHL Network - ULTIMATE or above. Learn more at directv.com/packages."

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      Thanks for the reply dcd. That's probably what happened. We had/have the XTRA Package and the channel list pamphlet that came with the new HD equipment says that 215 is not part of the XTRA Package. I guess we'll just have to upgrade to the ULTIMATE Package.

      Anyways, Thanks again for your help!