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I need a new case manager


DirecTV has assigned me an ***** as a case manager. 


Yeah, he's Ricky, the same one who argued that my receiver is OK if it takes no more than 8 seconds to respond after each button press on the remote.


The one who cannot speak in complete, logical sentences. 


I have a complicated issue that he can barely understand.  He's always selling nonsense.


I want him off my case.  How do I do this?

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    You'll need to call DirecTV and escalate if necessary.  We're all customers like you, not employees.

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      Thanks.  I'll try that. 


      When I've called in I've sometimes reached people who are more capable than this clown....and some real dorks too.


      It took me 5 minutes to get one of the dorks to simply understand that I wanted to keep my case open beyond its expiration date. 


      Ricky called me today and it took him 8 minutes to understand the same thing.  8 minutes on a call that I didn't want to have with this incompetent and he kept babbling nonsense.  All I wanted him to understand is that I needed to run my own tests regarding my problem and to keep the case open. I had to listen to him babble for 8 minutes.  And he makes no sense at all.  I hate this guy.

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        I'm not an employee either, but if I were one and you showed me the disrespect you are exhibiting here you likely wouldn't like me either.  Why not simply ask for a service call?  Having your own case manager indicates that the conversation with the phone techs has been going on for an extended period.

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    First of all that is normal for any kind of advanced equipment to take that long to do some functions. Nothing can be done but if you wanted new case manager you need to request one. Just like anything else you need to ask if not then you will be stuck with same person and he will continue to call you. Just call back and demand that Ricky does not call you back.

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    Maybe this will help. This is the average respond time for your Receivers

    Function / FeatureHRHRDFunction / FeatureHRHRD
    Channel Up / Down8 sec5 sec3 sec3 secRecord6 secNA1 secNA
    Power On / Off8 sec3 sec4 sec1 secTrickplay (FF, etc.)1 secNA1 secNA
    Guide / Banner3 sec2 sec2 sec1 secActive - load62 sec27 sec19 sec17 sec
    Search - title2 sec2 sec3 secNAActive - tune from19 sec5 sec3 sec3 sec
    Search - person34 sec2 sec3 secNAMix Channels24 sec7 sec3 sec3 sec
    Score Guide2 sec1 sec1 sec3 secCINEMAplus13 secNA13 secNA



    Also if your Case Management is still open, you can call back and request the CM phone number, and they will give you a pin number that is only good for 5 days. You can contact CM and request a new case manager.