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How many series can Series Manager on HR44-500 hold?


I recently had an HR44-500 (Genie) installed. My old HD-DVR is the HR22-100, which I have kept to add as part of the Whole Home DVR Service. The HR22-100’s Series Manager could only hold a maximum of 50 series. How many series can the Series Manager in the HR44-500 (Genie) hold?  I have seen different answers online from 50 only to 100 (on HR34) because it has a 1 terabyte hard drive. DirecTV customer service hasn’t been very helpful. They just seem to be guessing from their answers to me and then I had to rephrase the question because they thought I meant how many hours of programs the DVR could record.


So how many series can the Series Manager hold on the HR44-500 (Genie)?