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What does FREE HD DVR upgrade REALLY mean(?)


I'm sure I'm not the only one that knows FREE means nothing BUT free....
So, my question(s) is this~

1) Does FREE UPGRADE mean NEW contract?

2) I have 2 DVR's~ If I upgrade for FREE, do I need 2 receivers or one and if TWO, how UNfree would the 2nd be?

3) Does HD cost more? If so, on ONE or BOTH tv's?

4) Is this something I can do or do I have to PAY to have the installation done?
5) Will I need to upgrade the satellite dish also?


Thank you for any help.
I can understand typed written words MUCH more than double talk sales pitches.

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    You will resign a new contract and hd service is 10 $ a month as far as dish upgrade im going to say yes if you do not currently have hd

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    1. Yes, every time you upgrade one or more receivers, it triggers a new two year contract.


    2. You need to call DirecTV and see what is included in the offer.


    3. HD is $10 a month, regardless of how many receiver you have


    4. Most likely, DirecTV would need to do the install, but most often, where there is a free offers, the installation is included at no cost


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