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New System Install


Just had a new direct tv system installed yesterday. Having difficulty with the genie go.

I have the 3 blue lights, my tv is connected to the internet. I have tried to reset the genie go,

re-install the apps etc.

Called support a couple of times. Got disconnected after being routed to a Genie Go dept. (After told that doesn't exist).

Then last night was on the phone to customer support again and got no where. After a couple of hours

they told me to go to bed and it might work in the morning. (it didn't).

I am trying to use my iPhone 5 and a Mac Book pro.


The iPhone gives me the invalid e-mail/password combination.

The laptop just gives me an error and says that one or more items are needed.


I logged into my direct tv account and noticed that the box wasn't checked for Mobile DVR service.

30 min later they turned it on but very frustrating because i don't think anyone knows how this thing works.

I am using a MAC and they told me to go to start/programs…


I read through all the posts here and it seems that there are a lot of the same issues but I couldn't find a solution.


Is there one?