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Connecting an HR44 via Ethernet


I just got a Genie and the technician suggested only using WiFi to connect to my home network. I prefer hard wiring my devices when I can. Is there an issue with plugging my Genie into a hub which is connected to my router?

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    There shouldn't be any problems. I think you need to do a red button reset after connecting.

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    There is no issues, however, I would rather use a switch instead of a hub.

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    Some folks seemed to have solved this with a default network setting default reset and hard (red button) reset.


    I tried those without success and then found the text below on DTV forum. DirectTv is stating that with Whole Home DVR, we HAVE to use wireless, or the CCK Kit, but that connects wireless - so no benefit from wired connection I have next to my TV.


    Has anyone with Whole Home DVR gotten the Ethernet port to work on a HR44? If so, would like to know how - frustrating....


    Can I connect my HD DVR to the Internet by connecting it directly to my router with an Ethernet cable?

    PriYes, but please note that if you have Whole-Home DVR service or plan to get Whole-Home DVR service, you cannot use this method ofconnecting your HD DVR to the Internet. Whether you have Whole-Home DVR service or not, we recommend that you use the DIRECTVCINEMAConnection Kit to connect your HD DVR to the Internet.
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      you are "quoting" from someone who had different equipment then what you have.  While is true that you cannot connect an HDDVR directly using the ethernet port in a WHDVR system, the same does NOT apply to the Genie.  You can safely connect your Genie using ethernet

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        I have a similar situation. 

        I have a Genie HR44/500

        DirecTV tech support just told me that if I connect through Ethernet I will loose the ability to share playlists to my other device (one now, I may add another in a few weeks). 

        But there is a complex back-story too...

        When the technician installed the Genie he installed what I call an "ethernet injector" it's a device withe three ports - power, coax and ethernet, and two indicator lights for power and network.  Both lights are almost always green, but sometimes blink off if I touch the device - they are both steady green right now.

        During the installation I cannot recall if we also hooked up wireless, but certainly since the original installation I have connected wireless since I changed my router to an Apple TimeCapsule and I use MAC address filtering for security

        Pandora and downloading programs was working just fine for weeks or months

        About a week ago I noticed Pandora was gone and there was no internet connection at all

        After a lot of trial and error I got the wireless working (I think Repeat Network Setup was the key) and some of the TV Apps came up but no Pandora and no entries on the My DirecTV screen. 

        Then I went away for a few days and came back today and started troubleshooting again.

        Still no Pandora nor My DirecTV this morning on my main Genie

        But when I tried Pandora on my Genie client (C41W-500) it worked

        I went back to my HR44/500 and SURPRISE - it is now rocking Pandora and My DirecTV

        But when I go into system info there are two lines that have the yellow triangle with the !:

           STB Services Port - N/A 202

           Ethernet - not connected (9)


        Pandora works so I should not complain

        But what's up with the wired ethernet connection?