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775-Problem communicating with dish


My Directv Network:


(1) SWM Power Supply (Power Invertor)

(1) SWM 8 Way Splitter

(1) HR24-200 HD DVR Receiver

(4) H24-200 Receivers


Basics of my Directv network:


SWM Splitter "In": Goes outside to Dish (Antennae)

SWM Splitter "DC Power Pass" Red Fitting: Connect to SWM Power Supply (Power to SWM)

SWM Splitter "DC Power Pass" Clear Fitting: Output to any receiver

SWM Splitter Out Ports : connect to DVR or basic receivers


SWM Power Supply “Power to SWM” : Connect to DC Power Pass (Red Fitting) on Splitter

SWM Power Supply “Signal to IRD” : Connect to any receiver cable


If I get the well known error of: "775-Problem communicating with dish." It can almost always be fixed by using the rules above. Sometimes it is just the connections to the power supply needing to be tightened with a 7/16” wrench.


***If moving equipment around, always go to your power supply and unplug it first. This powers the system and you can cause arcing when disconnecting or connecting cables.  Just remember to re-connect it after you complete your relocation project.


The 775 error often happens when you move the power supply to a different location and now it is not connected to the cable that is connected to the Red Port on the SWM Splitter. If this happens, just go to where you splitter is located and move your cable connected to the power supply to the RED COLORED DC POWER PASS PORT on the splitter.


I hope this keeps someone from having a bad day or evening because they have their family mad at them because they messed up all of the tv’s in the house ;-)