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Unable to start network services 202.


Hr24 says it has internet connection but trying to watch VOD and it says to test connection. Connection tests fine, go to more sys info, gives above error.   installer has direct networks box on our coax and attached via Ethernet cord to my router. Just started after a repair to my Uverse.

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    Lets start with the basics.  How is your HR24 connected to your router?  Is it through a Ethernet over Power adapter plugged into a Surge protector (should be plugged into the actual wall outlet), or is it connected with Ethernet wiring back to the router or network switch.


    Have you tried connecting a laptop, desktop to that jack that the HR44 is connected to, to make sure you can connect to the outside world?


    Now the biggie.  Have you tried to do the Red Button Reboot (open up the card access door on the front, and press the red button).


    Is this happening with all Video On Demand channels?

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    Disconnect AC power to the HR24, then disconnect AC power from your router for a minute or so, then plug it back in.  Give the router a couple of minutes to settle down, then reconnect AC power to the HR24.  Then, and this is important, forget VOD for 24 hours, then tune to channel 1239 and try one of the music programs.  If that works you're good to go.