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Changed resolution on TV now have a black screen



I have a TV in the bedroom that is connected to a client. We wanted to compare the picture quality so we used the Direct TV remote, the RC65X, pressed the Menu button, went to Settings, Display and TV Resolutions. On that screen, two boxes were checked showing the compatible resolutions for the TV, the 720 and the 1080i. Instructions at the top of screen stated to chose one of the checked boxes, then push select. If the screen goes black or is distorted, wait for a clear picture. We chose the 1080i, pushed select and the screen went black. That was two days ago and it is still black. We have audio but no picture. Since the screen is black, you can't see anything when you push any of the buttons on the remote control. We have reset both the main console and the client with no solution. We called tech support and she had us checking cables, etc even tho there was no problem with the TV before we decided to play with the resolution. Tech support could not correct the issue. Sadly we did this shortly after we got Directv, called Tech support and it was fixed within 15 min. Anybody have a similar situation?