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RV KingDome & HR34-700


I recently sold my home and moved into an RV. I have a King Dome 9704LP installed and it has a dual LNB and two coax feeds into the RV. I brought my HR34-700 to the camper because I like the way it works. At home I also had a HR2400 but have since sent it back to DTV.


I need to know how to install the HR34-700 since it only has one dish input. I also still have the other hardware from the home network available but don't know where to place it to get my system operational. Right now, with one coax hooked up from the dish to the HR34-700 I am unable to communicate with the satellite, which means no viewing.


The King Dome is a self-alignment system with the satellites. It has found satellites and locked in, however id does not receive HD. I am ok with that for now. I just need to get this up and running.


Can you provide any suggestions? Also, I need to know how to install the home network equipment (from dish to receiver) if it is needed with the single DVR in the camper. I am computer literate, electronically and electrically literate (work on flight simulators) so just get me going in the right directions.


I did fail to take the splitter from my house where the HR34-700 and 2400 connected in the attic. Can always buy another if needed.