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Genie Remote


Thinking about upgrading my two DVRs,  & two HD receivers with a Genie and Genie Mini's.


The Directv web site states that the Genie remote is" optionally" back lighted, does anyone know if this is a user settable option? Whos option is it?


Any opinion about replacing my current eqipment with the Genie. The upgrade is at NO cost to me.



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    regarding the remote.  the HR44 works only in RF with only the RC71 and it gets most of its programing codes via its 2 way communication from the HR44.  This remote is not yet available in in the back lighted version.  However, the HR44 can be use in IR only with either the RC65/66 and these two comes with a back lighted version that MUST be purchased through DirecTV or any third party reseller. The HR34 works in RF with the RC65/66


    I would get just the Genie and replace one of your HD receivers and keep the rest of your receivers.

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      The backlit remotes have a "B" in the model number .... e.g. RC65RBX

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      Thanks for the reply;


      Please see below about IR.RF and back light. This is from directv web page


      Directv said I could keep my two HR23's and add the Genie to get the capability to record 9 shows. Not sure how that whole thing would work with play lists and whole house TV. Today I can see my playlist from all 4 TV's but I can only see my "TODO" list from each individual DVRs as they pertain to THAT DVR. Also I cannot select to record on DVR "A" from DVR "B" (or vice versa) I have to go to that particular DVR or one of my two non DVR TVs which allow me to select EITHER DVR to record on. Confusing, I know.


      Thanks for any help. Hate to get less if I change.




      • Uses both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology.
        Compatible with all DIRECTV receivers in IR mode—requires pointing at the
        receiver. Compatible with Genie (model HR44 or above) and Genie Mini
        (model C41 or above) in RF mode—no need to point.
      • Optional backlit buttons so you can see what you’re pressing
        in the dark.
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    AFAIK, the back lighted RC71  is not yet available

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      Thanks to all for your reply's. Things are starting to become clearer. The last thing I want to do is replace a system I am happy with, with one that I will not be. Can someone confirm the following assumptions for me? By the way it is only myself and my wife in the house, no visiting children and we usually watch TV together.


      I am thinking of going with: One Genie, one of my current DVR's (HR23-700) and two Genie minis. My house is wired with two inputs in two rooms (great room and theater room) and one input in all the remaining rooms. Because of my wiring I believe putting a third DVR in a room with one input would only allow one addition recording capability. With the Genie and one DVR I will have the ability to record 7 shows. So based on the Genie, one DVR and two minis:


      Assumptions & Questions


      1) I can record 7 shows at the same time.

      2) I have a total of 7 tuners and each mini would require a tuner if it was being used to watch live TV. If both mini's were being used I could only record 5 shows.

      3) Question- Will I be able to pick which DVR to record to, from:

                a)Each Mini

                b) Either DVR. Can I choose to record to DVR "A" from DVR "B" and vice versa

      4) On the Genie if I am recording 5 shows I cannot watch live TV

      5) Question- If I am recording 5 shows on the Genie can I watch a recorded show on the Genie at the same time? ( on my current DVR if I am recording two I can watch a recorded show)

      6) Question- If I am recording 5 shows on the Genie and one show on the second DVR:

                     a) Can I watch live TV on the Genie using the free tuner on the DVR or do I need to GO TO that particular DVR.

      7) In the configuration I am thinking about can I:

                a)see pay list and TODO from the minis for BOTH DVR's? ( I know  I cannot see TODO for both DVR's on any one DVR. As previously stated I would have 2 TODO lists and 1 Play list from the DVR's. I am asking what will I see from the minis?


      Thanks to anyone who cares to help me out. It is greatly appreciated. Happy New Year.

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        With the Genie you get a SWM system and with a SWM system all receivers, including DVRs require only one cable for dual tuner functionality


        1. Yes

        2. Yes

        3. No. Minis record to genie and the DVR records to itself

        4. Correct

        5. Yes

        6. No, need to go to the DVR

        7. No.  The minis only see the to-do list from the genie playlist is shared among all receivers/clients/DVRs


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          Hey PEDS48


          Thank you sooo much. You are a wealth of information. Much better than DTV support. Funny I was under the impression I already had a SWM with my current config of 2 DVRs and 2 HD receivers.I checked, I do indeed had a DTV SWIM module installed and still have 2 lines to each DVR on my whole house DVR. Any thoughts?


          Again, thanks

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    If you don't have a SWM power inserter and a SWM splitter then you may have a 6x8 multiswitch that you think is a SWM muliswitch you can look on solidsignal.com to see what a SWM power inserter/SWM splitter looks like.

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      I think I certainly have a SWM model. I have a module that says "SWM8/SWM16 Module only" and I also have a Grey square SWM module that says "Directv 8 channel SWM with 4 inputs coming in. When I push the dask key I get "SWM coinnected" and "Internet Connected". Don't know where all this is going but I sort of remember when they installed the system (several years ago" ) they told me I needed two inputs to the DVR. Not sure if that is when I got the first DVRs or when the upgraded me later on.


      If it is true that I only need one input I am thinking of keeping both old DVR's, getting a Genie and also keeping an HD receiver.(instead of a Genie Mini) In my current set up I can choose which DVR I want to record to from either HD receiver. I am hoping if I can keep one HD reveiver I will still be capable of doing that and maybe even choosing the Genie. ( I know a Genie mini will not allow me to choose the old DVRs) choosing the Genie to record to from my HD receiver is not that important as it will be on the same floor as my Genie, but the now current DVRs will be on the lower level so choosing to record to them from the HD receiver (on the upper level) would save me from going to the lower level to set up a recording.


      Am I making this clear enough....?


      Thanks guys, let me know what you think.

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    SO you have SWM now.  but if you keep the DVRs and HD receiver, you will need a SWM16 switch instead of the SWM8 you currently have.  that is not a biggie as the tech can take care of this. 


    and you are correct, from the HD receiver you can choose any HDDVR to record to, including the Genie

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      You still think I only need one input to the old DVR's to record or watch 2 shows?


      I cannot thank you enough for all the help. I surely have changed my configuration based on your input. If I really need two inputs for each old DVR I might keep only one DVR and my two HD receivers. I realize if I want to see ANY TODO list I will need to go to that specific DVR. The Genie & Genie minis are a cleaner install and if I was installing whole house DVR for the first time I would go in that direction. But because there are only two of us at home I cannot think of a reason to give up what I already have recorded and the ability to record more.

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        davidceder1 wrote:


        You still think I only need one input to the old DVR's to record or watch 2 shows?



        No, I dont think, I am sure.

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          OK than;


          One new Genie, both current DVR's and one current HD receiver. I think that will set me up fairly well.


          One more time. Many thanks for your help. Glad you responded and helped me out.


          Have a good New Year.

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    I was told by DirecTV there is a backlit remote for the Genie but is not yet available. It's called RC71B.  I keep checking this site to see if there is any news.