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model R15 wont load software. Stuck on0% complete. cannott watch tv. tried everything.

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    Need more info ...

    Did this R15 work previously?

    Has anything changed with your equipment or setup?

    Do you have other Receivers/DVRs?  Are they working normally?

    What type of satellite dish do you have?

    Have you tried resetting the R15 (red button behind front panel access card door)?

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      Some of the R15 models don't have the software in the stream.  See link.

      DirecTV Firmware Watcher

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      -yes this receiver worked and is working other than downloading software. It never goes past 0% then will time out after 60 minutes. Then I am able to view the channels just fine till the pop up wants to load software again. If I don't say no fast enough it will try to load and just sits at 0% then fails. this will try 3 times before allowing me to view the channels again, about 60 minutes. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.

      -I do have another receiver that we watch just fine with no issues. Located in another room.

      -I've tried resetting the red button, unplugging input power for 5 minutes and swapping cables.

      -I have a model R15 MFR300

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    the DVR might be defective. 


    Call DirecTV to request a replacement Receiver/DVR.  It's free if you have their Equipment Protection Plan, or within 90-days of installation.  Otherwise ~$20 for shipping.  Or ~$50 to have a tech come replace it for you.