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RC66RX remote programming not showing in onscreen menu


Trying to program a RC66RX remote in RF mode with a D12-100 receiver that we got an external RF antenna, and plugged into the appropriate location on the back of the receiver.  The onscreen TV menu DOES NOT have a REMOTE CONTROL PROGRAMMING option.  The TV is old-school, not a HGTV, but an older standard TV that is about 10 years old.  I think because of the TV the programming menu is limited--but I could be wrong.  I was told by DTV the RF remote would work with any TV.


I have tried programming the remote to the receiver using the appropriate codes, pressing the MUTE and SELECT button, getting the 2 green lights, inputting 9-6-1, pressing the UP channel, getting two more green lights, inputting the last six digits of the receiver, then pressing select.  At this point the menu shows up on the TV, but I cannot use the up or down arrows to do anything.  I then have to reset the remote to the factory settings to get things working again.


Any suggestions?